Marco Santos

13 obras

Crossover is a literary technique of mixing characters from diverse core interacting between them.

Pop Symbiosis
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Symbiosis is the interaction between two different organisms living in close association, usually to the advantage of both organisms.

Daily realities
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These works are born as an expression of what we live in day by day, they are a reflection of what is not foreign to anyone.... What we all feel, live, or dream about at some point. These realities that are so close to us and sometimes we do not see it.

The darkside of society
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Marco Santos takes us in these works into the shadows of society, into the disguised reality presented to us by different media, manipulation, and distortion of our reality. Framed in a personal and unmistakable style, are the reflection of a distorted, Machiavellian, and dysfunctional society, transforming these Works into a megaphone to denounce what is not working well, and therefore becoming a tool for reflection and change. His criticism is a clear and concise criticism of the corruption

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